About the Company

Health tourism:

Using services that improve or enhance a person’s health and well-being through the use of mineral water, weather or medical interventions. The process is carried out in places other than the place of residence of subjects for more than 24 hours.

Health tourism is divided into three categories:
A) Health tourism:

Traveling to health villages and areas with hot springs and spas to relieve stresses of daily living without intervention and medical supervision in cases where the tourist is not physically ill.

B) Rehabilitation tourism:

Traveling to use the natural health resources of mineral water, salt, sludge, etc. to treat some illnesses or to recover under medical supervision and intervention.

C) Medical tourism:

Traveling to treat physical ailments or perform some type of surgery under the supervision of doctors in hospitals and medical centers.

Goals and plans:

1) Encourage health travel to Iran by marketing and finding a market in the country of destination by signing agreements with healthcare centers and facilitators of origin, thereby increasing knowledge and informing the target community.

2) In addition to direct marketing, the company’s site has provided the opportunity for health tourists to constantly be informed of health tourism news and receive counseling from specialized consultants by uploading their documents. It is also possible to register your opinions, which could increase client satisfaction and loyalty.

3) It is attempted to provide the best quality (both recreational and health-related services) for health tourists, whether on the Island or in other parts of the country, through signing agreements with IPD healthcare centers and tourism agencies.

4) Given the excellent background of Kish Island in holding exhibitions and conferences, another measure taken by Adak Salamat Far Co. is signing agreements with prominent healthcare centers in the country and persuading them to hold national and international conferences and seminars in Kish Island.

5) Through the expansion of its activities, Adak Salamat Far Kish hopes to play a role in occupation creation and economic flourishing of the region by using native people of the island.

Members of Adak Salamat Far Kish Co

Ali Mirsadeghi

CEO and Board Member

Specialist in general surgery

Maryam Tavanaye Farahi

Chairman and member of the board of directors

MSc in Tourism Management


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